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Mr. Bishop is an award-winning teacher at the University of Hong Kong. 

Prior to his academic career, Mr. Bishop accumulated broad legal experience in the United States and across Asia, particularly China. Mr. Bishop has worked on major real estate, private equity, financing, and M&A deals, and participated in numerous negotiations in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. 

In addition to a robust private legal experience, Mr. Bishop focuses significant time on activities and programs providing direct benefit to the community. He is a founder, co-founder, and/or director of multiple non-profit companies, which are focused on using commercial solutions to addressing complex societal problems.

Mr. Bishop graduated magna cum laude from Brigham Young University and received his J.D. from Georgetown University. 

I believe one of my life callings is to help organizations and leaders to better understand ethics, governance, and ultimately, their own purpose and potential for impact. This is a humbling responsibility, but I am grateful for the privilege of serving wonderful clients striving to be better. 

Before embarking on an academic career, I worked in investment management. I started my career at Goldman Sachs and also had stints in law and management consulting. 

Admittedly, I probably spent too much time in school, but I integrate those different perspectives into my work with clients. After completing my undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University, I received an M.A. from Harvard, an M.Sc. from the LSE, and a J.D. from UCLA. 


By far, my most important life calling is to be a good husband and father, which I work on daily and is still a work in progress.  

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